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7th Annual 
Ridgway River Festival

Saturday, June 28th 2014
Rollans Park, Ridgway Colorado

Beginning in 2007 the Ridgway River Festival has grown to attract people from all over the Western Slope, including: Telluride, Grand Junction, and Durango. Not only locals use and appreciate our river, visitors from all over the Upper Colorado River Basin come to enjoy this festival.

Our Festival Includes:
  • A family and pet friendly venue catering to outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • Kids Eddy. Children of all ages participate in our a hands-on learning center where they learn how to cast a rod, play with aquatic bugs, and learn how a watershed works. 
  • A White Water Rodeo for adults. 
  • The region’s only “Junk of the Unc” race where families put together unique watercraft.
  • Live Music and More!




Schedule of Events

Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership

Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership      Post Office Box 392 / Ridgway, CO 81432 ridgwayriverfest@gmail.com   970.325.3010 

The Ridgway River Festival is produced by Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership (UWP)a 501(c)(3)        non-profit (Tax ID #46-2946756 ).  

The UWP works to inform and engage all stakeholders & solicits input from diverse interests to ensure collaborative restoration efforts in the watershed.